"He is not the same man today as tomorrow, the day after tomorrow he will perhaps be 'nothing at all'; and then he may become everything."   Richard Hülsenbeck -  Dada's on Art: Tzara, Arp, Duchamp and Others

The 21st century begun with governments and big industries struggling with Y2K. A so-called millennium bug threatening a worldwide calamity.

A century before religion was loosing its supremacy and individuals were fighting for rights and freedoms that allowed humankind to go forward and reach the skies.

Yet both centuries share similar patterns such as economic depressions followed by social and political instability that in the first case led to two world wars changing the map of the world. And now? Are we so far away of such dramatic and profound transformations? Can the world change and ultimately can our actions make a change as individuals? What victories have really gained humankind and what we aspire to?

 Timelab is an exhibition that combines photography and graphic design challenging everyone to see outside the comfort zone, to reflect upon the concepts and behaviours that drive our society and to question the legitimacy of its supremacy over the world. 


A promise of progress    Photo Collage

A promise of progress  Photo Collage

Humans     Photo Collage    

Humans  Photo Collage